2024 DBG Junior Academy Orientation


  • Pleasant Valley Golf Course
  • Begins on Wednesday, February 21, 2024 Until Sunday, August 18, 2024
  • 3 sessions 30 spots available per session


Learn about the Operation 36 development model from top 50 Op 36 Master Coach, Dillon Baker. We will go over the structure of the program as well as expectations of juniors and parents. Orientations usually last around 45 minutes.

Available Dates

Hosted By

Dillon Baker, PGA

Dillon Baker is a professional golf coach who helps shape, mold and refine the minds, attitudes, and games of golfers. When he isn’t helping golfers reach new levels he runs the Eastern Iowa Junior Golf Association, a non profit organization with the mission of supporting today’s youth in golf. Golf has been his biggest triumph and failure. The triumph came after finding an understanding of the failures from blowing his chance to win the World Am Tournament which he now uses to help his students overcome their failures and turn them into triumphs. When golf isn’t the topic his fiance, Michelle wants to discuss he is spending time with his black lab, Piper, or catching up on their favorite tv series or planning their next get away.


Pleasant Valley Golf Course

4390 Sand Rd SE
Iowa City, IA, 52240, USA